About Us

EDUCATION is the most powerful WEAPON which you can use to change the world

Who we are?

Today, international education is more important than ever. This fact is not only reflected in the change in curricula worldwide and the increased number of students studying abroad, but also in the mobility of academic staff and the collaboration in scientific research that exists across national frontiers. With rapid developments, educational counseling is playing and will continue to play a significant role in a country like ours where there is surplus young manpower and dearth of opportunities and direction.

The exciting prospect of studying abroad offers an exceptional chance for personal growth. IntelPath Educational Consultants have been guiding students and their families through every step of the decision-making process, from the first consideration to the experience itself. As we states emphatically...

We act as a student's guide, interpreter and facilitator for the entire university selection, application and visa process. Hence, we provide the students and their families' personalized and comprehensive assistance in their investment in intellectual, non tangible asset -Education.

The focus of our services is to provide the right guidance and identify the best course and university fit for the students considering his previous qualifications, career goals and his interest. According to him, his aim is not to export humans from Nigeria, but to help the students choose the right course in terms of their previous qualifications, their family background, their financial status, interests, aspirations and future plans. The student’s education should be advantageous to him in his career in the future. He is committed to ensuring that students receive a worthwhile, productive and high quality experience abroad.

Our All-round and Thoughtful Services

We Customise travel packages according to the specific needs of customers as we work from the heart and with the goal of offering the most attentive service to our clients. We offer diverse service including educational consultancy, visa processing (study visa, tourist and business visa), reservation and sales of tickets, hotel accommodation arrangement, value added tour packages, purchase of insurance, etc saving customers from the hassles involved in planning their trips.

Intelpath Global helps you save big with flight deals from airports, special hotel offers, low-cost car rental options, vacation packages, travel tips and travel insurance saving our client from the trouble involved in planning their trips.