Ticketing Service

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Ticketing Service

Ticket Reservation

Intelpath Global offers first-class ticketing services on both local and international flights. We provide the above stated service to both individuals and corporate bodies to enable them achieve their travel plans to any destination in the world. We ensure you get the best location most convenient for you and your family members amongst available seats.

So, let us help you see the world on a budget! Begin your search for cheap airfare and plenty of other travel deals at Intelpath Global. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, a business trip, or travel to your ultimate dream locale, we have you covered with affordable domestic and international flights

We love to travel on the cheap. So, we strive to make it easy for you to do the same by partnering with a wide variety of airlines and travel providers to bring you cheap airline tickets to all your favorite destinations. Browse flights by date, or, if you’re flexible with your plans, search by destination to find the cheapest time to travel.

Whether you are booking first-class, business or economy class, you can count on us for the most affordable fees you can ever get among our contemporaries. We will guide you through the booking conditions of interested airlines so that nothing catches you unaware.

Our Inventory Control System has a real time interface to major airlines’ Yield management system to support a permanent optimization of the offered booking classes in response to changes in demand or pricing strategies of a competitor. We therefore know the availability of airlines as well as the respective special offers of various airlines at real-time basis – this is why our clients enjoy the best price ever.

So, don’t put off that weekend trip or vacation of a lifetime! Our dedicated team of flight experts and passionate frugal travelers will help you explore the world – even on a tight budget – through insider information, trip ideas, destination highlights and tips on free things to do around the world. We’ll even deliver exclusive deals straight to your mail.

Our clients know we effectively curb problems such as; unavailability of seats, missing of flights, and other several hassles at the airport. In fact, we help our clients plan far ahead and this has always saved them time, money as well as future aggravation.

We commence our ticketing service by understanding your corporate objectives. Working with your specific objectives, we then arrange and manage your travel by taking advantage of our extensive relationships with airlines, hotels and transport companies worldwide.. In a nut shell, we match your desired goals with proper logistics.

Allow us handle your travel logistics. We agree that the best travel happens when travel decisions are made by efficient travel companies like ours. Using efficient approach, we will make sure your tickets and travel reservations are made according to your desires.

Hotel Reservation

Intelpath Global can arrange hotel accommodations for you at your ideal location worldwide. We offer the most preferred distinguished hotels for travelers, where you will enjoy classic, comfortable accommodations and other facilities for relaxation. We will help you arrange an ideal lodging that will give you value for your money – a cool environment where you can find inspiration without the usual distractions.

We provide you with a wide choice of hotel reservations to fit your budget. We give you information on hotels that has major international standards.

Travel Insurance

The perfect experience starts with the perfect plan!

Not sure if you need travel insurance? You've been dreaming about it for months or even years. You’ve saved your hard earned money to book your dream trip and we want you to have the time of your life.

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the most important things you should do before leaving on your holiday. Travel can mean encountering the unexpected, ranging from the inconvenient to the truly serious. Our Travel Insurance Plans offer comprehensive benefits to help you enjoy your trip.

A travel insurance policy can protect you from a variety of unexpected circumstances while you're traveling. Whether you're looking for trip cancellation coverage to pay for the costs of hotel reservations and other associated fees after a missed flight or if you need medical expense coverage to protect you from the extensive costs of overseas treatment and hospitalization, a travel insurance policy can drastically decrease your risks.

Travel insurance is particularly popular with businesses, families, college students and other travelers who need a quick way to protect themselves from potentially heavy costs. In the last few years, travel insurance has become one of the most popular insurance products available, as it is extremely cost-effective. It's practically indispensable on international trips, and for travelers of all ages and occupations, it's a great way to take control over the potential costs of a trip.

Whether you're planning on going solo or with a group of friends or family, we can help you find an appropriate domestic or international travel insurance policy that meets your needs. You can take all of the guesswork out of your next trip to keep yourself protected.

When you get a comprehensive travel insurance policy, you'll experience peace of mind while traveling. You will know where to turn when something goes wrong, and you will be able to be covered when you need it the most.

Intelpath global finds a great deal on your travel insurance. It’ll only take a few minutes and all you need to do is just answer a few simple questions. When you’re done, you can compare insurance quotes from elsewhere and discover for yourself that we are indeed the most affordable with the best features. We will help you find the travel insurance that will give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ve got cover.