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School Tour

All our tour and camp programmes are offered throughout the year on a five-in-one package of Experiential, Multi Activities, Adventures, Camping and curriculum linked excursions. We do trips to different destinations across the world during and throughout the year. The programs are designed to be all encompassing and exhilarating.

Summer School Programs

Our Summer Programs vary in content and delivery depending on the destination of your choice. Since summer is always a long vacation period spanning average of 2 months or more, many students want to experience relaxation and have a lot of fun after a whole session of academic rigors. To achieve these, Intelpath Global has partnered with reputable institutions that offers both campus-based and non campus based summer program for international Youths. Where they can have fun, learn, experience life away from home, make friends from around the world, experience new cultures and develop self confidence! We offer a valuable opportunity for Youth to gain…

Easter Tours

During the second term holiday which also coincides with the Easter break, we have series of educationally focus tours and holiday camp packages that encompass fun and hands-on activities that impact meaningfully on the students.

Mid Term Tours

This is a short break for students to participate in our Connect the Classroom (CdC) educational tours ranging from 2-7 days where the students relate the destination to their classroom learning.

Language-Cultural immersion Tours

Our Language Tour and camping programmes prepare and expose students to learn language and speak the language like a native. This is achieved through our cultural immersion matrix where the students relate and interact with the community. Our language tour programme include French class, Mandarin (Chinese) class, Spanish class, English class, Swahili class and many more.

‎Valedictory Tours

This tour is designed to be a relieve activity as well as leadership tour exercise for outgoing students. This tour is for these students to go on a tour shortly after their examination and arrive shortly before their valedictory service in the school. This is tour that makes students relive their experience and prepare them for life beyond school experience. This is a MUST to do tour for students in Primary 6, JSS 3, SSS3 and outgoing undergraduates in any tertiary and higher institutions of learning. This package is for students in terminal class.

Leadership Tours

This is a leadership and skill development package. This tour is mainly designed for all categories of student in leadership positions as well as training ground for students who are about to occupy leadership positions from class captain, school prefects and student union government executives at any level. The tour curriculum is designed to expose them to understand the various exercise, elements and processes of team building, team work, problem solving, mentoring, skill acquisition, volunteer service, and ability to take, make precise and mutually beneficial decisions as at when due to mention but a few of the activities they will do. They will also get involved in several challenging outdoor activities. During the tour they will visit several attractions and meet successful individuals and leaders in both private and public sectors of the society that will teach them series of hands-on programmes. They will end up serving as their role models and mentors.

Uniform group Tours

This is a camping and touring programme specially designed for students in uniform associations and clubs like the Boys’ & Cub Scout, Girls’ Guide, Boys’ Girls’ Brigade , Red Cross & Crescent Societies and others. They will put the ethos of their clubs and association into actions during the camping tour. They will do several competitive exhilarating and challenging activities and will also be opportune to meet counter groups during the course of their tour and camping programmes.

Gap Year Tours

This is a tour to keep those students who are in transit of post-graduation and preparing to resume into the next level of higher education or awaiting job opportunities after graduation busy and engaged rather than idling away before they get admission or decide their next line of action and career paths. It is a tour package good for primary school pupils, JSS 3, SSS 3 students and fresh graduates.

Subject Specific Tours

This is a tour specifically organized for students studying a particular subject or course. For example, Law student visiting Old Bailey in London or Supreme Court or engineering students visiting an engineering models like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, London Bridge or London Eye in London, or Art students visiting Musee Louvre in Paris or Walt Disney World in Florida, International Relations students visiting the United Nations Headquarters in New York, or Mass Communication students visiting CNN/BBC or Political Science students visiting African Union or European History visiting places like 1st and 2nd World Wars occurrences like D-Day and many more subject based destinations across the world.

Volunteer Service Tours

This is a tour designed for students to exhibit their charitable nature and potentials. The tour is to engage the student to offer humanitarian services where needed in any particular location in the world and at any particular time.

Internship Tours

This is our learn and work and make money tour package for different level of students. This requires us to link the students to get engage and work in a department related to the discipline or subject of the student in an organization during the holiday window. This is quite a very beneficial two-in-one tour package for undergraduates to earn extra income as well as learn on the job during holiday.